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Most important purchase of the game.


*stabs bioware*

that was for thane you son of a bitch

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i literally got like 8 other tali requests than the ones above…do i not draw her enough or something? XD

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videogame graphic battle | vs. oldwolfs

round five ► one video-game series (mass effect)

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okay so you know how in me3 during the assault on the illusive mans base, its revealed that edi was the rogue vi on luna that admiral hackett sends shepard to take down in me1

well i just replayed the mission and this comes up at the end. every time ive played this mission in the past ive always been like ‘yeah whatever dramatic text i only care that i got a new specialization’

this time i actually bothered to translate the binary code and the message you receive at the end of the mission reads:

"A burst of white noise over all frequencies nearly deafens you. Your hardsuit’s heads-up display interprets it into a series of 0s and 1s:





They repeat again and again, blanketing all frequencies, until the lights on the final VI cluster flicker and die.”

and now im crying like a little bitch

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serana asked miranda lawson in 11? <3

I’ve never drawn Miri before, which is a damn shame, so thank you!

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