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Good Morning Zakera Ward Voice Acting Auditions!


It’s that time everyone! Time for everyone interested in being a voice actor for the Good Morning Zakera Ward project to audition!

For those that didn’t see the recruiting post: Good Morning Zakera Ward is a fanmade Mass Effect podcast of a radio show set in Zakera Ward on the Citadel. Our two hosts, Suraya and Jorik, give us the news, entertainment, and friendly banter while relationship expert Asaramore gives the viewers love advice or the music of all the races gets showcased on the show.

Now, then, for the auditions!


Suraya El-Hashim

  • The female human cohost for Good Morning Zakera Ward. A spunky and energetic type who can be a bit too blunt at times. Looking for young voices.
  • Please record these lines: Suraya: “Gooood morning Zakera Ward!”
  • Suraya: “He’s a loose cannon squid that doesn’t play by the rules!”
    Jorick: “I’m fairly certain that’s speciesist.”
    Suraya: (takes deep breath to calm down) “You know what, Jorick? This one doesn’t have time for your solid waste excretions.”
  • Suraya: (cutting off Neurotic Salarian Caller) “Aww, thanks. That was nice, wasn’t it Jorick?”
    Jorick: “It was. It is comforting to know that our listeners find our bickering entertaining.”
    Suraya: “Bickering? But that’s how I show that we care, Jorick. Because we’re frieeends.”

Jorik Siril

  • The turian male cohost for Good Morning Zakera Ward. A rather dry type, somewhat clueless about popular and social culture but good natured. (Think Castiel from Supernatural, except not emotionless). Looking for young voices.
  • Please record these lines: Suraya: “Alright, yeah, that’s enough about that. Although, since we’re talking about movies, you know what I finally saw last night?”
    Jorick: “There is no ‘night’ in the Wards; only the Presidium has an artificial day-and-night cycle.”
    Suraya: “Fine. You know what I finally saw a few hours ago? That ‘Blasto’ movie that everyone keeps talking about.”
    Jorick: “Ah, yes, Blasto. An alleged ‘hero’ amongst the hanar.” (sarcastic)
  • Jorick: “Are you referring to that tiny red 2178 Nezo coupé that you’re still driving around?”
    Suraya: “Hey, it still works, doesn’t it? It’s not that old.”
    Jorick: “It’s so small. I can barely fit in it. And it’s such a female-oriented car.”
    Suraya: “I AM a female, Jorick.”
    Jorick: “Well, your car is tiny, slow, and inefficient.”


  • The asari relationship expert on GMZW. Mature, compassionate, and helpful, a matriarch. Looking for a sultury, mature voice.
  • Please record these lines: AA: “And if you’re a human male – stay in shape, and be confident when you approach a woman. And try to be interesting, too.”
    AA: “But, you wanna know a secret? Something that will work on any gender, of nearly any species? If you wanna meet, talk to, and possibly get with a male turian, or an asari, or a female human: just go up to them and talk to them. Talk to them as if they’re just regular people, because, guess what: they are.”

Mr. Rak

  • The male volus owner of the 31.4 EM radio station. Stingy, always looking for ways for the show to make him more money. Looking for an older voice.
  • Please record these lines: Mr. Rak: “We didn’t ‘agree’ on anything – you told me to air it next week, and I said no because the Consort paid more to have it aired today, so I aired it. Today. If you wanted me to hold it off until next week, you should’ve paid me the same amount of credits that the Consort did.”


  • Mr. Rak’s daughter. Full of herself, stereotypical rich daddy’s girl. Looking for a younger female voice.
  • Please record these lines: Gem: “Well, Suraya. Since my dad pays your bills, I totally can. But, I feel a little sorry for you. Because I can tell by your car that he’s not paying you, like, anything. I don’t even want to imagine what your apartment looks like. Do you even have a bed or do you just have one of those weird human bed-couch things? Why do humans even have those? That’s, like, the top of ugly. Please tell me you don’t have one of those weird human couch-bed things.”


  • Various male and female singers. Looking for many different voices.
  • Please record a short 30 second sample of your singing, showing your range.


  • Various male and female voices. Looking for all different ages and voice types.
  • Neurotic Salarian Caller; Jorik’s 6-10 year old little Asari sister; condescending Turian C-Sec officer; other various characters
  • Please record a short 30 second sample of your voice, giving us a good idea of your emotional range.

All submissions must be in MP3 format. If submissions are NOT in MP3 format, they will NOT be listened to. If you are auditioning for multiple roles, please keep the files separate. Please label the files like so: ‘LastnameRolename’. Send all auditions to

Thank you for your interest, and good luck!

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o…oh… I did something very sad…. 
yes that’s a crown of sea shells…

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for morning peeps <3


Favourite Mass Effect Moments

“Not saying you don’t know how to handle a gun, just saying some of us know how to make it dance.”

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headcanon where shepard invites people to a private tour of the captain’s cabin and they think they’re gonna frick frack but no. shepard just wants to show them her model ships. all of them. and describe them in detail. why does shepard even have so many toy ships. help.

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